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Choosing a designer is painful

Fabien Gréard
Fabien Gréard

So this month, I will not write about what we have done in the marvelous world of being an entrepreneur but more about what makes difficult the choice of a designer.

Do not worry, we did find a designer, however, to make that tricky choice we found ourselves struggling with options, the prices, the availability, the how much experience he or she has, even more important the feeling you may or not have with the designer.

Well the first one is quite easy to solve because in the end it's all about how much money you can land on a designer, however finding a good balance between the others options are another story, you have to make sacrifices.

Maybe you need someone that is available right now, that will cost you, not money but experience, you will probably find a lot of beginners that are always looking for a job, but the result and the timing will be impacted, we made that choice the very first time we hired a designer, in fact it was also a way to test if she was a good fit for our project or not, so we did understand the consequences and BINGO ! The result was good, not amazing but good however she took way more time than expected and yet, the way she apologies was terrible thus, do understand the consequences of such a choice.

Or maybe you need someone that is really good and then it probably be someone that is overbook and expansive...

Anyway no matter the choice you made, you must understand that there is always a pitfall when choosing a designer. In my opinion you should look at what deadlines and level of expertise your need before anything else, also take in consideration that choosing a skilled designer is a way to gain time since he or she should be able to return something in less time !

So yes, choosing a designer is painful !

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