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Last day of 2018

Fabien Gréard
Fabien Gréard

It's time for some recap', I have looked at my other posts and read many other bloggers, mainly Dan abramov on overreacted, It made me think about where I want this blog to go, and how I should write my posts. I'm assuming that if you here, reading my writings (which is probably terrible, hope it is going to get better) I'm sorry for you but I will not do any 'hit blog post' or follow up any trend to get this blog more views.

Instead, I'm just going to fully get into the random posts about specific subject, in order to have my past opinion in my next version of me (the mysterious fabien of the future) Many times I wrote useful things in the past on [insert stupid place to store useful content] and lost it totally, I'm thinking about the first time I try to get SSL/TSL working and publishing my own node server, what an adventure.. I had it, in a notepad ++ file step by step, and maybe two months later it was gone such a waste of time. So this is the purpose of this blog, no more useless storage !

The topics below are about what I'm going to do in 2019 (or at least want to) with random update and thinking about 'whatever'

Entrepreneur Story I Started this blog mainly because I wanted this to be an 'unofficial' history of my point of view on random events through the very bottom of building a company to the whatever this is going to be. The idea still ring bell in my mind, and I will probably keep doing that.

Random thinking Lately I got this thinking that people often assume that I am in a 'better than you' mood because I'm building my own company or startup, honestly this bother me, because I got no idea how to show that is totally wrong, Even writing this down feel wrong... But please, don't think this of me because it is very wrong, I just want to be free and achieve my goals.

I cannot leave you and leave me without a bit of recap of where I and Thomas are. We have ended a cycle (I guess). I feel like we get to know each other better even if sometimes it feels a bit weird because we are not seeing each other like we used to in the beginning. But the 'Startup' is getting build, I'm kind of existed to see what this 2019 will be made of !

To get it more specific I'm building the customer landing page right now, so yeah the app it's getting done ! 🏢

Technical post I would love to get involved in those kind of post, however I will probably fall deep in the so called impostor syndrome, but I may try to set up a twitch channel, would love to know what it is to stream when coding or doing bunch of random stuff on the internet.

Also, I would really love to get involved in some big ass OSS project, but well it takes time, maybe I should stream my tries to get involved in a big ass OSS project and doing post on the way, what a fun idea (-:

Freelance, or what I called the one shot project Lately I had the thinking that I should do more of little projects, not like I got all the time in the world or all the skilled for any kind of project but I would love to help people building great content with people remotely or not.

Some friend told me about meetup and how you could growth a shiny network with this kind of 'Rendez vous', not like I didn't know it exists or never participated in any kind of events but I should try to get more involved.

Event If I must choose only one thing from my list of what I would like to do for 2019 it should be going to an 'dev event' like the nordic.js, IT look incredible, this is what a dev community should be, it's all about fun and coding !

Self training I could call the 2018 the training year because I had the felling I was a 'ok' developer in 2017 but right now I feel like I'm far from being 'ok', 2018 was the year of doing many many JavaScript and guess what 2019 will be even more of JavaScript and so go on ! I will keep the self-training as high as I can but for 2019 I would like to try to find a mentor or any kind of leading person in JavaScript, I'm feeling like everywhere I go I'm always doing the job like I am the 'lead', sometimes I would just be able to be on someone esle shoulder and be like: wow that's good stuff bro

Going abroad Well the title say everything but to be more explicit, I would love to go abroad again, getting fluent in English (for real this time) sadly It is probably not going to be this year, but I'm going to ! Definitely

Well I'm ending this here, because I could continue with all my wishes and stuff but well one thing at the times. Even if I know it is going to be messy because life is.

Will see next year !

PS : I hope to keep it up with longer post ! 🎯

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