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Recap - An entrepreneur story

Fabien Gréard
Fabien Gréard

As this is my second post, I'm still nervous about writing, this (An entrepreneur story) will be published every month, I will discuss what I've done in my life as a (beginner) entrepreneur and how I launch my first startup with my associate Thomas.

This month I will write about what we have done from the last 3-4 months until now.

So when I first meet Thomas, it was back in early July, then we talked about basic thing, like any other people would do when you first meet someone, we begun to discover each other, starting by who we are until what we want to do, what we expect ... I would say two or three weeks after our first meeting we start working on Roooffer, at that time it was more or less called Dreamyhome, a real estate based startup. Thus, the first two months was about how we want to make that agency, the businesss model (a basic one), a KPI...

If I am honest to myself, I've got to say that my feeling was that I didn't have to do much, Thomas was doing an insane job, well he had no job, so maybe easier for him or well, excuses....

Anyway we finally rename the project, from Dreamyhome to Roooffer and we finally start to talk about making it real, we found a designer and ask her to do our first booklet ! This was very important to me because I had that feeling, this is the beginning of something !

So that was the first 3-4 months, Nowadays, we did end the booklet, and will start next week to meet the professionals to kind of validate our project and start the development !

Next month we have some major things to come, first the validation process, thus the beginning or not to the development process, we will go in a kind of meeting with other entrepreneur, well it's an invitation to an event.

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