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It has been a while...

Fabien Gréard
Fabien Gréard

Hence I’ve been busy with work for the last months. What have I done, you may ask? Well, not that much, but you said you’ve been busy working? Yes, I said that, however, I worked poorly, took me ages to perform simple tasks.

And after a while working overnight and with the accumulated stuff, I ended up with a sweet and great burning out. Therefore, I was doing nothing.

To sum up, It has been a while and during that time I’ve done nothing great. WoW, isn’t it a trifle harsh? Yes, it is, yet I need to be 100% clear with myself, and I did shit.

So, where is this article going? I wanted to write down my failure to acknowledge it, overpass it, so basically, this is a warning article towards myself.

I took a moment out of everything to think about what I should avoid and what I must do to be a better version of myself.

So here is a list of things I wish to reduce in the future :

Slacking Overworking on meaningless stuff Getting isolated

I end up doing a schedule, like the one we had in college. Perhaps this is what I am missing, I never had one since I left the university, here is an exhausting list of stuff I want to keep organized:

Going to the gym Working for my clients Working for myself Cleaning Learning Gaming And some free time

So from January 16th, 2020, and for one full month, I will have my life manage by a piece of paper. So I gave myself and you ‘all a Rendez-vous on February 16th!

Until next time, peace.

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